Robotic Precision Therapy

What is Robotic Precision Therapy?

Robotic Precision Therapy (RPT) applies gentle static pressure to a specific area of the muscle in intervals, this light pressure lengthens the muscle fibers back to their proper state. This lengthening process allows tension to be taken off the bone structure and nerves, greatly increasing mobility and decreasing pain.

Take your recovery to the NEXT LEVEL by scheduling an appointment with Robotic Precision Therapy!  ​

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What to expect at RPT?

A session at RPT will consist of reviewing your medical history and taking some readings of your general biomechanics. We then test to see which muscles are inhibiting you, it may be one or several. After we pinpoint your specific problem, we use a robotic arm to lengthen the shortened muscles, taking tension off of your skeletal structure and restoring balance. 

Still not convinced? Call us! Our team is always happy to show you how RPT can help.

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