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Richard Austin

Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Lineman​

“After years of professional football and weight training, my shoulder gave out. I tried injections, physical therapy – nothing worked. After just one RPT treatment, I had full range of motion in my shoulder and no pain.”

Dr. Maureen Creal


“I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and a friend told me about RPT. I left after my first treatment with immediate relief in my neck and hips. The relief was so unexpected and welcomed, so I had my husband try RPT for his back pain associated with degenerative discs and golf injuries. He was able to play golf without the constant pain in his back and elbow.”

Julie Pulte


“RPT was life changing for me! I could barely walk, was in constant pain and scheduled for hip surgery. I canceled the surgery after just 3 visits and have been playing golf and tennis pain-free ever since.”

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