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Suffering from pain due to a car accident?

R. Anderson

A client of Robotic Precision Therapy Clinic asked to share their story in hopes it might help others suffering from chronic pain due to a car accident.

“I was in a car accident in 2009 and was diagnosed with neck and shoulder trauma. I was thrown to the right, which hyper extended the entire upper back, neck and shoulder muscles and tendons. Through six months of physical therapy, I endured traction, ultrasound therapy, stim unit therapy, acupuncture, massage, along with light stretching and exercise.

After about six months I tripped on the stairs and tore my supraspinatus tendon and labrum in the rotator cuff. When able I underwent prolo therapy to try to heal the tendon without surgery. It was a six-month series of ultrasound guided injections. This did help, but I continued to have pain in the rotator cuff area, and the shoulder was locking with intense pain when I used it for a pulling motion.

I saw three surgeons before finding one who agreed to do an MRI. He found two bone spurs, scar tissue, enough to warrant arthroscopic surgery to shave bone and clean out the joint. This was 2012, and I followed up with physical therapy for two months, but as they increased the exercises, my pain also increased. They gave me a series of cortisone shots, and I used my own stim unit and ice to deal with the horrible pain.

In the winter of 2013, I continued to struggle with the pain that was almost constant and got worse with any type of work or standing and walking.  Sleeping was very difficult. I went to see two other shoulder surgeons who thought I may have developed more scar tissue and jagged calcium deposits on the bone of the rotator cuff. I underwent the second arthroscopic surgery to yet again clean out a large amount of scar tissue and shave down the excess jagged calcium. I followed up with more physical therapy, only to find that the same pain had not subsided.

After another two months of therapy, the surgeon said the rotator cuff was strong and had full mobility, and that I didn’t need any more therapy. Unfortunately, I continued to suffer with constant burning aching pain, and I was living on meds just to make it through each day. 

My personal physician sent me to another shoulder specialist, and a neurologist who put me on nerve pain medications that gave me horrible side effects. I went back to my surgeon who said he couldn’t help me and my pain was beyond his expertise. He recommended yet another rehab doctor who put me back in physical therapy to see if it might help.

Around that time, my husband urged me to call Robotic Precision Therapy Clinic.  I had nothing to lose at this point. The therapist at RPT Clinic evaluated me and said my muscles and tendons in my shoulder and rotator cuff were knotted and tight and not getting the oxygen and blood flow needed to fully heal. My chest and back muscles were enlarged from overcompensation due to my body protecting the rotator cuff injuries and surgeries.

After only two sessions with the robotic treatment, I was at least twenty percent better. The constant burning pain in my tendon was gone for good!! My regular physical therapist noticed that the joint had opened up.  After four RPT treatments, my neck muscles loosened up and I was able to bend my neck toward my right shoulder over 40 degrees with no pain. 

Robotic Precision Therapy changed my life – from living in constant pain and little sleep, to sleeping through the night and significantly less pain such that I can get back to the things I love.

Thank you RPT Team for using your professional knowledge and skill to change my quality of life!!”

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