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Hear from some of our most recent success stories.

A.B. an equestrian trainer, was in a horseback riding accident that almost ended more than her career.

After several years of intense pain following a devastating horseback riding accident that almost paralyzed me, I was unable to even lift my newborn baby without extreme pain – much less workout or get back to riding a horse. I had lost all hope and had resigned myself to a life of back pain, limited activity, and $130 a week for 3 visits to the chiropractor.

When I heard about Robotic Precision Therapy, I was not just a skeptic, I truly had no faith in it.

Never have I been more wrong in my life.

After just 3 visits, I felt better than I had in my entire life – even before my accident.

It has been almost a year since my treatment & I can play with my child and I am back in the saddle without pain!

RPT has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself, my family & my career. I cannot thank you enough! A.B. – Equestrian Trainer

Al is a student athlete playing football in Woodhaven, MI.

He heard RPT could help improve his athletic performance and came in to the RPT Clinic.  Al asked to share a quick snippet of his story today.

“I came to RPT Clinic to work on my speed for the upcoming football season. I never

mentioned that I had low back and foot pain as well.

After 3 sessions my back and foot pain are gone, and my game has gone beyond the next level.

Seriously, try RPT!“

Gary owns a construction company and has worked with his crews for decades.

He was sidelined by chronic pain and unable to work.  He shares his story with us today.

After my daughter had amazing results with Robotic Precision Therapy, she referred me to RPT Clinic.

If I’m being honest, I was doubtful that any man, machine, or procedure – no matter what it was – could repair the damage that 35 years of masonry and construction work had done to my body.

I’m extremely old-fashioned & don’t believe in or trust any of the new technology out there – especially when it comes to health and medicine.

Out of desperation and an extreme financial need to be able to work, I decided to give RPT a try.

Two treatments later, I have a greater range of mobility than I have ever known, am back to work full time doing what I love without pain. I feel 25 again!!! 

Lance is an Olympian whose career almost ended.

I am an Olympic swimmer, over the course of my training, my performance

began to drastically decrease due to a few key muscles becoming shortened. I tried stretching, physical therapy, deep-tissue massage, pharmaceuticals, and about everything else you can think of.

My trainers and doctors said I had to undergo a very extensive surgery to which after would require me to be put in a “halo” for several months. This would’ve surely ended my career; I was at an impasse.

Luckily, I heard of Robotic Precision Therapy through a friend and decided

try one last thing before committing to the surgery.

I’m so glad I did.

After 2 treatments, I was swimming better than before and had absolutely no need for surgery.

Everyone was astounded!  My times greatly improved, and I won a gold medal in my next event.

I would not be at the level I’m at today if it wasn’t for RPT.

I would recommend them to anyone in any level of athletics. Why just be average when you have the potential to be great? RPT can get you there! 

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